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Size MattersPhailozoo 85 Gallon reptile tank measures 48''Lx24''Wx18''H, perfect for desert/rainforest/semi-aquatic bioactive tanks, such as bearded dragon tank, snake enclosure, and lizard tank.  Spacious playground for your beloved pets to explore and thrive while being safe.​​​​​​​


Worry LessNO GAPS FOR ESCAPING with fully closed structure and rigid tempered glass doors. You can also put a lock in between doors for higher-level security. Top screen ventilation allows better air circulation for reptiles.


Easy MaintenanceFront opening reptile tank with door handles included for easy cleaning & feeding. No more suction problems or fingerprints all over the doors. Substrate barrier to keep substrate out of the grooves.

Phailozoo 85 Gal Reptile Enclosure

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